Visit the Gedung Sate Museum, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Sunday, April 14, 2019


This post will be my first time writing in English (campuran) after a (((long time))) planned. 😆 Actually, it's been a looooooong time, hoho. 😜. No showing off (yang semacam gegayaan gitu sik ya 😀), but more for learning to improve language skill and expanding friendship (yash sapa tahu jadi kenal banyak blogger internesyienel gitchuh, ehe). 😅

But, please don't criticize my grammar, just give me advice (tapi jangan ketjam kethjam) haha. 😁

Description of opening hours.
Oke, so, this new museum has been inaugurated in 2018. Did you know? on March 15-16, Gedung Sate Museum just celebrated its first birthday with great fanfare and luxury, wow, 😃. Gedung Sate Museum had organized Museum Festivities or Muvies which were attended by 48 museums in West Java, wooooow woooo wooow, 🙀. But, unfortunately, i was really busy and didn't have time to watch the show. *So saaad. 😭

The place to buy tickets
If you are a traveler who already has a plan to visit Gedung Sate Museum, you can make reservations in advance on this web:

Museum Gedung Sate - Reservation

Reservation method is very easy. You can choose the day, group description, and time. There are several time choices that can be chosen from 09.40 to 15.40. After that, we are required to fill in the biodata. Done! simple right? 😎.

But, if you are a random traveler like me, haha, just come. 😅 You can buy tickets directly on the spot. The tickets are also not expensive. At that time i bought the ticket for 5.000 rupiahs per person. (Seharga sebungkus cilok lah yawww, murce bangeets jadi gosah pakek nawar) 😂.

You know the location of this museum ini kan yes? it is located in the Gedung Sate which is now the Governor's Office of Jabar.

GEDUNG SATE is an iconic place that you must visit if you go to Bandung. But don't just take pictures in front of building name "GEDUNG SATE", go to the museum to explore the knowledge of Gedung Sate and Bandung.

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Our guide was giving an explanation
The most memorable thing when visiting this museum was seeing the design of a very modern place even though the room is very minimalist. Kek gak berasa ke museum yang biasanya kelihatan tua dan ngebosenin lo gengs. 😃

Fortunately, that time, my husband and I arrived at the first opening hours at 10 am. There were many groups who also came. I was very excited because this museum has a tour guide that will explain the details of each room and display so that visitors were very helpful and not just looking around. 😊

The museum area is divided into several rooms.

1. Introduction Zone (Zona Pengenalan)

In this place, we will be shown the history of development "Gedung Sate" from year to year. Not only that, but we can also the building miniature, duh apaan sih itu istilahnya ya, 😅 itu lo market yang kayak gambar di bawah ini 👇👇. So we can know the entire area of the building without having to surround it, haha.😅

2. Exploration Zone (Zona Eksplorasi)

We have the opportunity to explore a lot of knowledge about Gedung Sate and Bandung in general.

There are several touch screens that display an explanatory video and of course added with an explanation from the tour guide. 😉

Anyway, at the beginning of the 19th century, Daendeels built a 1000 km Pos Highway that stretched from Anyer to Panarukan. Daendeels asked Wiranatakusumah II to build a city on the side of the road. The initial stage of the city was to build "Alun-alun Komplek" consisting of Pendopo, Bale Bandung and market which functionated as the center of Bandung in 1812.

Well, in 1920 the construction of government center in the north of Bandung started officially, consisting of 14 governments buildings on a 27-hectare land. The first building were a Gedung Sate, Gedung Pos, Telepon and Telegraph.

Ulasan mengenai Museum Pos yang letaknya sebelahan insyaallah menyusul yaaks. 😉

Di zona eksplorasi ini banyak bats pilihan displaynya dan bagus-bagus gitu. 😍 Semuanya kelihatan menarique di mata saya, jadi semuanya seakan pengin difoto dan diceritain. 😝

Foto yang di atas ini salah satunya. 👆 It is a sound transmitting device that would be sounded every time Bandung is in a critical period. This siren can be heard until Subang, Sumedang, Pengalengan and its surroundings. 🙀

Masyaallah banget ya, zaman dulu aja udah canggih. Alatnya masih berfungsi lo, tapi sekarang dibunyikan saat upacara kemerdekaan saja, itupun hanya sekitaran Gedung Sate, gak jauh-jauh.

3. Audio Visual Zone (Zona Audio Visual)

This zone is the most fun for me, why? because in this zone is really very visual, oh yeaaaaah 😘😎.

We were invited to the cinema room to watch the Gedung Sate historical film. Very nice. The duration is around 15 minutes. And the atmosphere is similar to a cinema.

Suasana penonton dan film yang diputar. 😊

4. Interaction Zone (Zona Interaksi)

This zone is also fun. There is a technology called "Augmented Reality" that makes the impression that we are in a moving video.

If you notice it, in this room, there are equipment and television that displays moving videos. Whoever enters this room, can use the equipment provided and acts as if it were part of the video.

Taraaaa! and that is the result. 👆👆😉. Amazing! (biasa aja kali ya buat yang udah sering, buat saya mah nyenengin kerreeen parraaah, *monmaap udik 😂)

Interactive Floor.
Actually, there is "Virtual Reality" too, it makes us feel like in the hot air balloon around the city of Bandung. But unfortunately, the device was under repair.

Exploration Zone
Finally, almost an hour around the museum.

In my opinion, this is a smart museum that is very educative, informative, interactive and entertaining.

The best museum i've ever visited. Not boring and fun. Laaaaf. 😘

Way Out
If you get an opportunity to visit Bandung, come to this museum, i highly recommend it. 😉🙏

Btw, there are many other places that you can also visit if you go to Bandung. I have summarized it here:

Rekomendasi 10 Tempat Wisata di Bandung


I hope you get the benefits of this post "Visit The Gedung Sate Museum, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia" and share your unique experience if you have the opportunity to visit this museum. 😉

Salam. ~

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